Last week we leapt into the world of dance for our Spring Project. Inspired by the popular CBBC show ‘The Next Step’, we decided to do Theatre Studio’s version and had a 4-day dance and movement spectacular!

This was the first time we have ever done a Project that was entirely dance-based, and knew that it would be a challenging but seriously fun week for everyone taking part- and boy was it both! As everyone arrived at the Annexe on Monday morning- both familiar friendly faces and some lovely new ones- there was a real sense of excitement in the air. For the first time in a Project we had a timetable (yes, a timetable!), with each routine having its own time slot. We had TEN dances in total, and each Next-Stepper had SIX to learn- no easy task (even Jo said she had never learned that many in such a short space of time when she was dancing professionally!) The styles we had on offer ranged from lyrical to streetdance, musical theatre to contemporary, and we couldn’t believe the energy and enthusiasm that every student approached each style with. Each dance only had an initial hour and a half slot to be taught, and then one further hour to be tidied and sharpened up- no time at all and the students taking part were nothing short of warriors in learning them! In ‘Strictly’ they have a whole week to learn one routine: I definitely think you guys could give them a run for their money, just saying… (I hope you’re listening, Bruno, Craig and Darcey…)

What was even more exciting was that 4 of our older students- Bella, Heather, Lucy and Shona- were taking their Choreographer Badge over the course of the week, the first badge in our Open Badge Apprenticeship scheme. Each Apprentice was given a group of around 8 students and given one of the 4 elements as their theme: Air, Earth, Water or Fire. Everything else was left to them: the music, the costumes and the choreography. Having only 2 and a half hours to teach and perfect their pieces to a group of mixed ages and experience, we were blown away by the dedication and passion shown by the girls. Their pieces demonstrated real creativity and originality, and , I think most importantly, each of their groups had such a great time working with them and you could really see that they wanted to do their choreographer proud. I think that speaks volumes about how special these girls are and how lucky we are to have them. They give up their time every Friday, and Alice every Monday, to help in the younger classes and we really couldn’t do what we do without them. They are an inspiration and are the trailblazers of Theatre Studio. We are so proud of them.

Also, a massive thank you to Elliot who was our in-house photographer for the week, and to Lucy who also brought her camera in to get some snaps. We cannot wait to see all the brilliant photos they got! Keep an eye out as they will be up on the website soon!

So well done, again, to everyone involved and thank you for such a fun week. Every project you exceed our expectations and continue to amaze us. Next stop, Strictly…

Megan x